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You can be mature and respectful and still have a dirty sense of humour.

 You can curse a lot and still be highly intelligent with a massive vocabulary.

You can be quiet and reserved and still be witty and even outgoing in certain circles.

You can be intelligent and sharp-minded and still forget what month it is


Hey everyone! So I was at BookExpo America this past May and got this signed copy of Thomas Willeford’s Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Anyone Can Make.

According to Willeford, these tutorials are supposed to be useful for both beginner and advanced steampunk cosplayers. I like steampunk so I picked up the book. However, I don’t cosplay, so I’m putting it up here!


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  • giveaway ends October 1st, so anyone who wants to make an outfit for Halloween has enough time :)

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Colorless by asuka111






just to avoid accidentally using offensive language i’m going to start using 90s surfer dude slang because inadvertently offending someone is totally bogus dude

people might not want to be called dude

you are radically right and that is so not tubular my friend i apologise

I find your poor grammar and spelling to be offensive to my eyes.

watch me catch this gnarly wave of i don’t care